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Banana Disco Remix Competition Winners

We are happy to announce the winners of the competition. There was some very good productions, and we where really happy to see some managed to construct a different vibe of the tunes. Thank you to all the contestors, and a special congratulations to the winner. Read More

Cosmic Love Winners

The love is going full on in the Cosmic, we are really blown away of the quality of all remixers. It’s not easy to choose four people of so much good quality remixes, so you can all be very proud of the your results in this competition. There has been a lot of talk about exploiting the voting capabilities, we are aware of this possibility and have already made changes so that this will be harder to do in future competitions.

What is important for us to say is that the voting itself has a low priority of becoming the winner, we value production scills and originality higher, it is all about the music! With that in mind we want to share the Cosmic Love Remix competition winners. And thank you again for all participating in this contest! Read More

Cosmic Love Remix Competition

We have been working hard since our last remix competition, we now have a professional promotion system to promote all our releases and we are working together with many DJs, bloggers and radio stations to get the music out there. We have a good lineup of exciting releases that is coming out during 2012. But we haven’t forgot about all you aspiring producers out there, we are yet again ready to launch a fresh and exciting remix competition with a totally new voting system.

This is a huge opportunity for any aspiring artist who want to launch their career with a commercial release on Ken Records and win a SoundCloud Pro subscription account worth a total of 250 EURO! Read More