How to make a good remix?

We have had some requests to make this tutorial how to start making a good remix, so here it is, our points and tips how to make a smashing remix, please let us know what you think, we would love your feedback or if you have any other experience that can help others witch is not mentioned here.


Make sure you have the proper equipment, these days just a PC or a Mac will go a long way. You have to have some power in your DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) if you are going to make a good sounding tune, go to your local PC or Mac shop and ask them what they recommend for making music. Read more >>

Your choice of sequencer

Here is a chapter in itself, what music program to use for making music/remix. The most professional out there is Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Cakewalk.. but there is plenty of others that can do the job. The best tip I can give you here is that if you know a program stick to it! It´s better to know a program in and out rather than going from the next trend and best program. Once you are in that creative corner you don´t wanto learn a music program all over again. The program you stick to, go nuts, learn somthing new every day if you can, go to youtube, search for tips and trix.

Remix material

Make sure all the stems(samples) you get from your client are sounding good, that they are in key. Also that you can easily map them up in your sequencer to listen to them all together without having to manually time stretch each loop. Make sure you let your client know early in the process if there is anything you need corrected in order to start your work.

Idea phase

Making a remix is not taking all the loops and putting it together, but it´s not making you own song either. The key is to make your personal touch on the song while still other people can recognize the original. Have something unique in the remix that only you will have that makes it stand out!

Whatever sample you are using has to be in beat with all your other material, if it doesn´t sound good don´t use it.

Think that all other people have the same samples, how can you use the samples in a way that will be totally different from all others?

Your instruments

Most people making dance music these days use alot of different VST instruments. Synthesizers, pianos, drum machines. Your choice of them and how you use them is determining your sound.

The Effects

To make small adjustments to your samples, stems and instruments you will probably use alot of equilizer. This is somthing most people use on each channel. Cutting away unwanted frequencies, in the top and bottom area. Compressors is also highly used for bass drums for example. How to use them I would recommend searching google and youtube for more detailed trix. This is way more to learn here to become a more experienced producer.

Building track phase

When you have most of the ideas of a groove, beats, bass, melodic parts that´s sounding good, it´s time for structuring your song. Think in 8 bar, 16 bar and 32 bar loops, for every bar somthing should happen, binging in another part, building up, dropping a silent part, building up again for example.

Finishing phase

Make the last finishing touch, making the filters perfect, adjust the levels just the way you want them. Send your unmastered tune to a mastering agancy to make it sound like a pro, or try to master it your self. Mastering is for most people like woodoo, leave it to the pros. But there is still somthing you can do to make it sound pritty good. I will leave it up to google to help you with this one, since it´s a biggie 🙂


Remixing is normally a stage before creating your own productions, but also when you get your signature sound other artist wants a piece of your feel on their record, that’s when you know you’re on to something good. If you want to start getting serious you should learn the piano, and I’m not talking about the big heavy one.. All synthesizers and vst’s are using the same scale and chords as a normal piano, so learning the piano will get you far with both remixing and music productions. For those of you that are not really into notes and see this as a big step I found a small guide that can help you learn the piano.


    • 14. Mar, 2013
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    Thanks for this! Very stragith forward
    Remixing is definitely a way to learn how to produce music.
    That’s how I started.

  1. thank you very helpfull and to the point

    • 29. Feb, 2012
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    Nice…To the point…
    We’l I do agree mastering is for a pro & a new ear to ur music does help..however not everyone could afford a pro for the job & again google or youtube may help you a bit to do the job ur self…for guys using Fl Studio i came across this link(below) & it may help..I’d suggest asking a friend with a good ear to accompany you while you are at mastering…

  2. Very nice work. Thank you

    • 1. Jun, 2011
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    hahaha could you be more ambiguous?

      • 1. Jun, 2011
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      Short, to the point, and google the details 😉

    • 12. May, 2011
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    this is very good short but smart good job and thx 🙂


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