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Fugleskrangel Remix Competition Winners

I guess everyone heared about the dreadfull thing that happened in Oslo last weekend. It has affected us all in some way. The most important in a time like this, is to share feelings and thoughts, compassion and love. Love will always win, so let’s show that we stand together against this behavior, spread the OSLOVE! We want our music to spread peace and love, this sounds like a clishee but it gives a hole new meaning when things like this happen.

And back to the competition. First of all we really want to thank everyone who entered the contest, there was so much good tunes and we really enjoyed listening to all the different interpetations. We try to give new talent chance to release somthing with us, and we try to release everyone that we belive is release ready, but this time we had trouble since there was so many with so high level of production scills, so we picked out quite a few this time. We encourage everyone to send in your productions to us as we are expanding and are change how normal record companies work, be part of our music revolution!
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