Tio Tusen

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Zauberfluten is a Norwegian producer born in Telemark , Norway.
His real name is Jarle Bråthen and is the one half of the scando/cosmic -disco duo Ytre Rymden Dansskola. He’s been djing for over two decades and releasing music on the label Full Pupp. Zauberfluten is the more techier side of Jarle Bråthen and he got released the first EP back in ’07. Now taking a small break from own and the duo’s production he’s now ready to release “Zauberlfuten – Tio Tusen” on Ken Records.

Supported by:
Mark Farina, Chris Jylkke, Ray Coker, Deejay Janne, Dj Sinno, Greg Churchill, Laslo Deak (Factor-X), Pedro Goya, Scorpion Blood, Alex Sparkless, Alexander, André Langenfeld, Asgeir Giskegjerde, Christiano Pequeno, Como Las Grecas, David G. Balasch, Discoholycs, Disko! Selectors, Dj Runo, Djanthun, Eddie Sender, Felipe Pinedä, FX2, Gregorio Assandri, Håkon, Jarle Bråthen, Kem (GrooveU), Kool Bandits, Legionarios Del Disco, Leri (Mutant Disco), Mario Aparicio, Marius Våreid, Meyerson, Patski Love, Prashant, Ross Peters, Tee two Mariani

– Love the Marius Våreid remix! heavy bass! 🙂
– It’s amazing to get these amazing tracks Ken Records releases
– My favorite Ken records release so far. Jarle always delivers. Love the original version but Marius Varied & Felipe Sa & Zopelar remixes are amazing too.
– Tio Tusen thumbs up!
– Thanks for promo! This Norwegian disco.
– The best release from Ken Rec yet 😀
– The Faktor-X remix is brilliant, really nice groove, love those deep chords
– Excellent package. love all the versions 🙂
– Great Origal mix, awesome (as always) Marius Vareid.
– Great great remix!!!!!!! and Felipe Sa & Zopelar makes another great job!
– Greatest remixes by Vareid and Felipe Sa & Zopelar. Love it!