PlayOJO – The Best Live Casino Games For Your Smartphone

live casino

When you play live casino you are connecting to a real person via video from a studio, or sometimes even from your mobile phone. Then you interact with that person using software to place your wagers and bets and there is often a chat option where you can talk to the dealer. All of this is designed to give you the most realistic experience outside of a land based casino.

Depending on what game you are playing the setup will differ but there are some common features. You will see a croupier in front of you and they will have a table with cards or a roulette wheel. You will be using a digital interface in order to communicate what you would like to do with the dealer and the results are determined by real casino equipment. This can include a special ring that can scan a player’s card to identify the hand or sensors on a roulette wheel that tell you where the ball has landed.

There is also an ingenious piece of technology that every table at a live casino has called a GCU, which stands for “Game Control Unit”. This little device is no bigger than a shoe box and it is responsible for encoding the video that gets broadcast to you. There is nothing more to it than that but it is the heart of any live casino.

A lot of the technology used at live casino is a result of advances in computer graphics. These have allowed us to produce very detailed images of people and places in a way that we couldn’t even do a couple of years ago. This has been combined with a range of different cameras to allow the dealer to be seen from multiple angles and to provide a high level of clarity.

In a live casino you can interact with the dealer as though they are in front of you and this is one of the reasons that many people prefer it over a standard online casino. The games are a bit more complicated to play but they still give you the same results as a regular online game.

At PlayOJO you can find all the best live casino games for your smartphone. They are sized to fit your screen and are lag free. They have a great variety of games as well including blackjack and poker. They have a nice welcome offer for new players as well.

To get started you just need to sign up for an account and then choose the games that you want to play. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you can enjoy the full live casino experience. You can make deposits and withdrawals as you please and there are no fees for e-wallet transfers. Fiat cashouts will take a bit longer but they are always fee free as well. So, if you haven’t tried live casino yet then why not try it out today?